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It’s Capitalism, Stupid!



Collettivo Prezzemolo introduces:

It’s Capitalism, Stupid!

The Festival of the Other Europe

Florence, Italy    3-12 May 2013


 The Collettivo Prezzemolo (researchers and workers at the European Institute University) in co-operation with a wide array of Florence’s political and civil society movements will hold a series of public initiatives on Europe in this period of economic crisis and austerity.

To coincide with the State of the Union conference in Florence, the Collettivo Prezzemolo will organise a week of debate on Europe, and call for the urgent realisation of a truly equitable, alternative to today’s Europe. While in Florence’s municipal buildings, the European Union bureaucrats and oligarchs celebrate the European wide socially devastation of their own engineering; the movements of Florence will advance a horizontal debate on an alternative Europe. A Europe characterised by solidarity and democracy, respect for labour rights, committed anti-fascism, defence of the environment, the protection of collective goods, peace and co-operation.

The solution to the crisis can be only brought about by a radical change of Europe’s political imagination. A transformative process of shared reflections and the collective organisation of all the social, political, cultural and economic actors committed to dismantling the structures of the futile barbarism of austerity. In light of this, the week of debate and reflections will engage with the various issues that have been part of Europe’s ongoing political and economic crisis, questioning the political institutions, and socio-economic structures underlying the crisis.

The events will take place from Friday the 3rd until Sunday the 12th of May, including morning and evening presentations, across Florence and at the EUI itself. The initiatives will include the participation of a wide number of guests; intellectuals, activists, Italian and international researchers in collaboration with the Collettivo Prezzemolo and the movements of Florence in order to collectively reflect on the crisis in Europe, discuss the resistance to austerity and to outline the potential route to the realisation of another Europe.

Please find a programme detailing all the initiatives, attached.



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